Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Table for Three

If you've never heard of Young House Love, now you have.  They are pretty much my idols and Steve thinks I stalk them.  But seriously, they are great.  I 'borrow' ideas from them all the time because 1) I like them and 2) I can afford them.  They really know how to design on a budget.

Here's a little DIY inspiration from the Youngsters:

See that small pedestal table for two in the corner?  It's so freakin' cute and white and all things adorable, so I totally had to have one.  I ran with their idea.  They bought the pedestal base from a thrift store and added a precut tabletop from a hardware store.  It all got primed and painted white.  Voila.  A Pottery Barn look-alike for cheap.  (They already had the chairs and just painted them to match.)

Well, I was starting from ground zero.  I had no base, top or chairs.  But one day last spring while I was scoping out Craigslist, I found my pedestal base...for $15!!!!!  (Somehow I talked Steve into driving to Cincinnati in the pouring rain to pick it up for me... I must have had my fluttery eyelash thing going on that day.)  I landed a tabletop from Lowe's on sale at $35 and a few weeks later scored 3 chairs for $50 from Craigslist.  This is the before priming and painting shot:

The original plan was to invent a makeshift computer desk out of it all by cutting a small hole in the top of the table to run the wiring down through the pedestal base.  But the more I looked at that sweet little round table, the more I didn't want a monitor on it.  (I ended up making a desk out of an old IKEA console seen here.)  So, it's now our card table/extra dining table/eating-Cookie Monsters-on-after-the-kids-have-gone-to-bed table. 

More recently, with all of our kitchen cabinet contents residing on our real dining table...

...(aaaahhhh!!!), this little white table has served as our Taco Bell table.

At any rate, I love this YHL knockoff.  (Can you knockoff a knockoff?)  All for $100.

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