Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Box Reveal

Remember this big box?

Well, here's what it looks like now after (awesome) Steve put it together.  (I think he got tired of telling the boys to stop sitting on it.)

Even with missing a knob (one of them came unthreaded; we're getting a replacement), it's the perfect storage solution for our family room.  I wanted something not too deep (this is about 13") that sat up off the ground (a register resides directly beneath it) to allow for heating/air conditioning flow.  White is a great neutral color making this large piece seem not so large.  And the glass doors give it an airy feel.  I can't wait to scour TJMaxx and Goodwill for pretties to dress up the shelves.  (Don't worry, it WILL be functional as my kids are already hiding cars in it.)  I'm not sure what to do above it though... collection of pottery on top or artwork on the wall???  Both? 

Here are some dressed shelves that I may mimic:

Pretty shelves make me happy. 

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