Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Kitchen...

I'm dreaming of a white kitchen.  Just like the ones I see online.

Where the cabinets glisten and hubby listens to paint the kitchen on a dime.

I'm dreaming of a white kitchen.  With every paint stroke that I swipe.

May your days be merry and bright.  And may all your kitchens be white.


  1. When you're done in Ohio, Erin and I would be happy to let you decorate/redesign our house in Illinois!

  2. Thanks, Jeff! You're my #1 blog fan!

  3. I found your link on Young House Love. I have the same cabinets in my kitchen (and bathrooms!) and have been wanting to paint them for a while now. My husband is totally against it - he does not like painted wood and worries the white will be hard to maintain w/ two little ones. I am going to watch your blog to see how yours turns out - it already looks great and the doors are still off! Maybe this convince him to let me do ours!

  4. We have little ones too so we went with an enamel latex topcoat that will hopefully stand up to them. Still have to get the doors painted and put up but so far, 4 days and no issues yet. We're letting them cure for a while before we start using them again. Will be sure to post more about our progress!