Friday, December 11, 2009

Cabin Fever

My house tweaking definitely rubs off on the kids.  When Layne and I play, we usually end up building furniture with Knex or drawing rooms on the dry erase board.  Everett's most recent word of choice is 'hoos', meaning house.  With a high of 23 degrees yesterday, we stayed inside all day and Layne busted out the Lincoln Logs.  This is what he created BY HIMSELF (he's 4, mind you).

The House that Layne Built

(Note the carport for the always-present cars in our home.)

I know, a ladder leading to a second story door isn't the most practical entry but did you notice all the windows?  That house would be washed in natural light.  Oh, and the soaring ceilings?!  And I love all the angles in the roofline.  Everett (Layne's one-year-old little brother) must have approved also.  He didn't try to knock it down once.  Steve even got to admire it when he got home from work. 

I am one proud mama.

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